Global Sales Office

Our sales office is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our NZ team is responsible for dealing with all enquiries, customer service, design to meet standard requirements, product development and logistics.

Pam Brewer, Executive Director

With over 35 years’ experience in the apparel industry, and an NZ Dip in Fashion Design, Pam handles the creative side of Global Safewear’s business. Interaction with customers helps her to understand industry needs and discover new solutions. She sources the best fabrics, trims and closures worldwide, giving customers an edge in the market. Pam divides her time between New Zealand and Vietnam.

For all sales enquiries:
Email Pam
Phone: + 64 9 912 2582
Skype: pam.brewer50

Andrea Young, Executive Director

Drawing on more than 30 years’ experience in apparel design, production and management, Andrea has responsibility for finance, systems, logistics and administration at Global Safewear. With an NZ Dip in Apparel and Fashion Technology, she works closely with the New Zealand and Vietnam teams, ensuring best practice is maintained across all aspects of the business.

Contact Andrea
Phone: + 64 9 912 2581

Simon Yulius, Operations Manager

Simon has been in the apparel industry for 30 years, 10 of which have been spent with Global Safewear. An industrial engineer and operations specialist in apparel, Simon is responsible for the operational planning of the business, and liaises closely with the Vietnam office to ensure fabrics and trims are ordered, and that deadlines are achieved. His team is also responsible for liaising with our Australasian customers on production and delivery timings.

Contact Simon
Phone: + 64 9 912 2580


Sophorl Lam, Operations Co-ordinator

Sophorl has been working at Global Safewear for seven years and has a double degree in Commerce and Information Systems. He works alongside Simon on planning, purchasing, production tracking and client liaison.

Libby Cowper, Business Development Manager

Libby has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Textile Technology) from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. She is a Chartered Associate of the Textile Institute (UK) and a senior member of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC).

Libby is at the front end of our business, collaborating on fabric and/or product development to bring concepts to commercial reality.


Barbara Irving, Apparel Product Developer Specialist

Barbara has a background in art, design and fashion, and is an extremely skilled garment technician. She has years of experience with garment development, pattern cutting and construction and has specialised in outdoor clothing, sportswear and career wear.

Her career includes lecturing at Bradford Art College and Leeds College of Art on fashion, design and pattern cutting.

Barbara is using her skills and knowledge to develop new items of work and safety wear for Global Safewear customers.

Rose Terry, Account Manager/Product Developer

With a Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology, Rose has over 14 years of experience working with buyers and technicians developing, ordering and managing production for apparel manufacturing. She has managed the production of garments from start to finish and understands the processes around lab dip, fabric and fit approvals.

Rose is passionate about designing new apparel and is known in the industry for her design capabilities and attention to detail.

Rose Terry

Michelle Chen, Accountant

Working from our Australasian office, Michelle runs the day-to-day accounting and administration for Global Safewear, and is the client liaison for invoicing. She speaks English and Mandarin and has been at the company for two years.


Vietnam Facility

Our Vietnam manufacturing facility is based in Ho Chi Minh city. Our Vietnam team is responsible for product development, manufacturing, supply chain management and distribution.

Cheng Phu, Legal Representative

Cheng has worked in the apparel industry for over 35 years and has also run a number of successful manufacturing businesses. He is responsible for driving strategy and governance at our facility in Vietnam, along with providing legal compliance and local authority reporting.


Jeffrey Revels, Managing Director Vietnam

With over 20 years of experience in the apparel industry, Jeffrey has extensive knowledge of managing global supply chains in South East Asia. He has expertise across safety and workwear apparel, including specialist applications in: defence, emergency services, healthcare, industrial wear and corporate uniforms.

Jeffrey is former United States Marine,  who later became a commissioned Naval Officer.  He  has a Masters in Operations and Supply Chain Management.


Truong Tai Hung, General Manager

Hung has been with Global Safewear for over 20 years. He ensures our processes run smoothly and liaises with our operations team. He also oversees our import/export processes.

Minh Nguyen, Quality Assurance Manager

Minh is a veteran when it comes to quality assurance, systems, processes and standards. He has an impressive background in manufacturing and textiles and during his 25 years of experience, he has worked with leading brands to develop tried and tested quality systems and standards.

Nguyen Phong, Import/Export Manager

Phong has been our Import/Export Manager for over 10 years. His expertise in customs clearance and logistics is a key part of our service. He uses modern technology for container planning, and works closely with customers’ nominated freight forwarders to ensure an efficient handover.

Ban Thi Thom, Merchandise Manager

Thom is an experienced merchandiser who is responsible for making sure customer’s specs are met throughout the product development process, in-house in Vietnam. Her attention to detail is legendary, and she enjoys the collaborative process of development.

Huynh Long, Pattern Manager

Long has been designing patterns for specialised workwear and technical rainwear for over 10 years at our Vietnam factory. He is a talented pattern designer, and has a lot of technical knowledge when it comes to designing technical performance wear.

Long and Thom collaborate closely to ensure all customer specifications and design requirements are met.

Nguyen Ca Lo, Packing Manager and Trade Union Representative

Lo runs a tight team within Global Safewear’s packing department. He ensures everything is packed on time for shipment, all box counts are accurate, and documentation is easy for customers to understand.

Lo is also the staff nominated Trade Union Representative and is a key member of our social club which organises staff functions and raffles.

Tim Phams, Production Manager

Tim has extensive experience in Apparel Production Management.

He started training in Sewing and Pattern Technique in his early career – so has a thorough understanding of garment construction and process.

As well as Production Management, Tim has also had roles in Merchandaising so understands the bridge between the customer requirements and what needs to be achieved on the production floor to deliver quality product on time. Tim also has a Bachelor of English from University of Hanoi.

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